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brief – In 2045, people seek regular escape from life through the virtual reality entertainment universe OASIS, co-created by James Halliday and Ogden Morrow of Gregarious Games. After Halliday's death, a recorded message left by his avatar Anorak announces a game, granting ownership of OASIS to the first to find the Golden Easter egg within it, which is locked behind a gate requiring three keys. The contest has lured a number of 'gunters', or egg hunters, and the interest of Nolan Sorrento, the CEO of Innovative Online Industries (IOI) who seeks to control OASIS himself. IOI uses a number of indentured servants and employees called "Sixers" to find the egg /
liked it – 338697 Votes /
User rating – 8,3 of 10 Star /
runtime – 140 Minutes /
Tye Sheridan

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“Ready~Player”~Film~2020. Ready Player One] Online, trailer: civil Watch Ready Player Online Movpod Watch Stream Ready Player One.
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Not true to the source material. Great design and very entertaining. So much detail it’s stupid. Love the shining bit. Kind of made the movie.