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  • A talented graduate of Oxford, using his unique mind and unprecedented audacity, came up with an illegal enrichment scheme using the estate of an impoverished English aristocracy. However, when he decides to sell his business to an influential clan of billionaires from the United States, no less charming but tough gentlemen stand in his way. An exchange of courtesies is planned, which certainly will not do without shootings and a couple of accidents
  • runtime=113minutes
  • star=Michelle Dockery, Matthew McConaughey
  • Country=USA, UK
  • Genres=Crime, Action

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There’s smth really weird about how this mediocre director gets new projects. after so many flops! and again, Guy Ritchie is a one trick pony, and the Gentlmen proves it. all this pretentiousness, stupid dialogues, poor directing – it just doesn’t work. but hey, what could we expect from guy Ritchie…
I don’t understand why anyone would dislike this movie.
This film is brilliantly acted with strong performances from Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant.
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Guy Ritchie burst onto the scene making the innovative British gangster film Lock Stock & Two Smokin Barrels, following it up with almost as good Snatch & the under rated Rocknrolla before heading off to la la land to make Hollywood blockbusters.
Now he’s back to his roots making a new British gangster film The Gentlemen but unfortunately he brought Charlie Hunnam with him who puts on an appauling accent.
Hunnam’s accent drifts from English to Irish to American, if he can’t do an accent then why not makes his character American like his boss or better still give the role to the brilliant Mark Strong who has such a small role in the film if you blinked you’d miss him?
Unlike Ritchie’s counterpart Mathew Vaughan, who still makes innovative & stylish films, he seems to have been corrupted by Hollywood.
Where as Lock Stock, Snatch & Rocknrolla had style & humour The Gentlemen falls a bit flat. It’s storyline is good with a few twists & turns but lacks the panache & punch of his early work.
Colin Farrell is brilliant in a type cast role, as is Hugh Grant in the complete opposite of his normal role as a camp investigator looking for a quick payday.
The rest of the cast are good with the exception of Hunnam’s accent.
Although The Gentlemen overall is a good film it’s certainly no Lock Stock or Snatch.

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Great plot, great actors and this film is up there with Lock Stock & Snatch.
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