Armenian Women For Health And Healthy Environment

Early Modern History

Armenian moms have been not solely the source of reproduction and productivity, but additionally the example of self-sacrifice, service and loyalty. The model of the Armenian woman as mother has been thought-about so sacred for our people that our sacred national values are qualified with the word “mother” – mom tongue, mother Armenia, mother church. Being the first is truly very attribute of Armenian women, and there are lots of examples in our days as well.


We’re a robust individuals with an rather more resilient history, one whose most necessary centennial was commemorated almost 4 years prior to now. During and after World Struggle I, the Armenian male inhabitants was massacred or put in labor camps. Girls, children, and the aged have been led on demise marches to the Syrian desert, the place 1.5 million have been killed.

Why Is Armenia Poor?

According to him, the picture of Armenian woman has been unrightfully neglected many instances, however once we examine our history we understand how essential her role was in all occasions. The seminar entitled “Heroic picture of Armenian woman in Armenian history” was conducted today by the Dean of the Faculty of History Edik Minasyan. Armenian women, Babajanyan says, are “usually restrained” in their costume, with many following fashion tendencies strictly.


During her go to to Armenia in 2019, she said that she “discuss[s] about it [the Armenian Genocide] with people internally at the White House.” However, she added that “haven’t had a non-public dialog” with President Donald Trump about it. The Armenian Genocide brought on widespread emigration that led to the settlement of Armenians in numerous international locations in the world. Armenians kept to their traditions and sure diasporans rose to fame with their music. In the submit-Genocide Armenian group of the United States, the so-known as “kef” fashion Armenian dance music, using Armenian and Middle Eastern folks devices (often electrified/amplified) and some western devices, was popular. This type preserved the folks songs and dances of Western Armenia, and many artists also performed the up to date popular songs of Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries from which the Armenians emigrated.

Minority Languages

He later labored for the New York Herald Tribune and became the New York Press Club president. Josephus differentiated Hebrew from his language and that of first-century Israel. Josephus refers to Hebrew phrases as belonging to “the Hebrew tongue” however refers to Aramaic phrases as belonging to “our tongue” or “our language” or “the language of our nation”. “Kardashian Baptizes Children In Private Ceremony At ‘Vatican’ Of Armenian Church”.

In addition, you’ll see extra Armenian young women than men in the country, for Armenian men depart the country in search for work whereas Armenian women are forced to raise the family single-handedly. Diana Abgar was appointed by the Armenian government as ambassador in Japan in being one of the first women on the earth to be appointed to such position.

It was additionally used from the tenth to 13th centuries, though in all probability solely as a liturgical language. It can be been called “Melkite Aramaic” and “Palestinian Syriac”. The language itself comes from Old Christian Palestinian Aramaic, however its writing conventions had been based on early Middle Syriac, and it was heavily influenced by Greek. For example, the name Jesus, although ישוע Yešua’ in Jewish Aramaic, and Išo in Syriac, is written Yesûs (a transliteration of the Greek type) in Christian Palestinian.

The Arab-American inhabitants is also diverse, with folks claiming ties to 22 international locations and varied spiritual backgrounds. Assyrian Neo-Aramaic is spoken by the 3,000-robust Assyrian minority of Armenian. According to the 2001 census 40,620 individuals recognized themselves as Yazidis and 1,519 as Kurds.

It is difficult nevertheless for us to gauge what would turn into of the Armenian feminism and motion for the rights of women should Armenian independence last armenian girls more. Sovietization of 1920, which ended the transient interval of independence also marked a brand new stage in the history of Armenian women.

Read this text to learn everything you ever needed to learn about Armenian women. Traditional roles of Armenian women have been maintained by way of discovered conduct long-established to their gender from previous generations all through the twenty first century. Gender stratification is apparent and noticed by way of usually dismissive or degrading strategy towards Armenian women. In addition, widespread acts carried out by Armenian women, corresponding to housekeeping and waiting upon their male counterparts also display this inequality. Today in contemporary instances, this sort of subservient doting presence is still anticipated of them amongst Armenian communities.

Prominent Armenian American writers embrace William Saroyan, Leon Surmelian, A. I. Bezzerides, Michael Arlen, Marjorie Housepian Dobkin and others. Second era Armenian American writers include Peter Balakian, Nancy Kricorian, Carol Edgarian, Michael J. Arlen, Arthur Nersesian, Micheline Aharonian Marcom, Hrag Vartanian, and others.